“Chronicles of a Mr. Mom” offers a free publishing platform for Moms, Dads and writers

BabyNamesIndia.com is offering free publishing space on this very blog, for writers who want to share their experiences, emotions and joys of parenting. Up-and-coming as well as experienced writers will find this free platform a welcome new channel to spread their thoughts and opinions.

We are now soliciting content from moms and dads with a flair for writing, in the form of personal experiences, anecdotes, thoughts, opinions and tips – especially from “Mr.Moms” – whether they are stay-at-home dads, or just responsible, loving fathers who care a lot about their little ones.

We also welcome other writers with content on pregnancy and parenting. Budding writers will benefit from the instant exposure to a highly focused community, while experienced writers will relish this new channel to further their brand beyond their existing readers.

There is absolutely no charge for this service – we will be supporting publishing costs through online ads.

You may submit articles in text or HTML format, and any questions and comments you may have, to (email address has been published as an image to ward off spam-bots).

– Ravi Jayagopal
Father & Founder