(ARA) – With the most kissable day around the corner, couples scramble to find the most meaningful and personal gift for Valentine’s Day. With flowers, candy and stuffed animals being so stereotypical and other gifts being costly, why not give the one thing that brought you together in the first place: You!

Valentine’s Day is a great reason to get a makeover and unveil the new you. Not only will you feel great, your special guy will adore the dreamy new look of the woman he fell in love with. A hot new you doesn’t need to come from expensive doctors or spa treatments. Try these ideas at home for a ravishing appearance that is bound to surprise and delight him:

So many of us fall into hair ruts each day as our mornings are short and styling time is sacrificed. For Valentine’s Day, do something out of the ordinary. If you wear your hair down, try an updo; if you often wear a ponytail, leave locks to flow down your back. Wispy curls can add romance to any hairdo. If you are really ambitious, try a new shade or add some highlights.

Despite the large wardrobes that most women have, the amount of clothing they actually wear is small. Look through some of those items that got pushed to the back of the closet. Maybe there’s that little black dress you forgot about that you wore on your first date. Does he have a favorite outfit that you don’t usually wear, but could surprise him with? And don’t forget about shoes! High heels give you a feminine confidence and make legs appear sleek and long, something he is sure to notice.

A study conducted by Kelton Research of 600 men determined the high importance of a kiss-worthy mouth. A beautiful, white smile is one of the first things partners find attractive in one another and nearly half of the men surveyed stressed that white teeth are a deciding factor for a second date. It’s easy to keep smiles bright with Crest Whitestrips Premium. Use them just twice a day for 30 minutes and start to see results after just three days, with full results in seven. They’re perfect for men and women alike who don’t want to spend a lot of money. So pucker-up and give your sweetie a whiter, more kissable smile this Valentine’s Day.

The finishing touches to your look are in the details. For example, jewelry with a little sparkle can add glamour to your look and dangle earrings can draw more attention to your face. Maybe there’s something special he’s given you that you can wear. Make sure you smell delicious by lightly spraying on his favorite perfume. Polish with a bit of makeup. Try dark smoky eyes for an exotic, mysterious look. A glossy lipstick will add to your already beautiful smile.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t fret over what gift to give your special guy. Give him what he loves above anything else…you! He will be surprised at your new romantic look and impressed that you went through all the effort just for him (we won’t tell him that you didn’t mind all the work). For more information on a gorgeous white smile, visit

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