April 12, 2007

Where Do Kids Learn From?

Here’s a news item that just shocked me in more ways than one.

1. Where does a little child learn to throw a tantrum so violent?

2. In any other country, this child would’ve gotten a big beating either by her teacher, or her parents, or both. Is arresting this child a better way to “teach a lesson” to a 6 year old? By sending her to jail and by her having a police record for the rest of her life? Or would the child have been better off just getting a spanking? Sometimes I wonder what this world’s coming to, when I see terrorists and rapists and criminals going scott-free, and the police charging a 6-yr old who was scared of the intimidating police officers and hid under a table, with “attempt to resist arrest”!

Here’s the full story: Kindergartner Charged With Felony Tantrum

March 4, 2007

Stolen kids turned into terrifying killers

Once you read this article, movies like Saw will seem as demure as the three little pigs story.

This story breaks my heart – my heart goes out to all those kids who are being abused thus, and all of their victims. It puts the term “count your blessings” in a whole new light.

Full story: Stolen kids turned into terrifying killers