June 2, 2009

Massage to Treat Child With Sinus Congestion

Warming Hands to Massage Child With Sinus Congestion

January 23, 2009

Father Lets 8 Year Old Accidently Shoot Himself

I mean, how much stupider can you get as a parent? Allowing an 8 yr old to participate in a shooting contest?

Dr. Charles Bizilj stood 10 feet behind his son this weekend at a “Machine Gun Shoot” in Westfield, where the third grader aimed an Uzi at a pumpkin in the distance.

As Bizilj reached for his camera, the boy clutched the gun in his arms and squeezed the trigger. The Uzi flipped backwards and 8-year-old Christopher Bizilj fatally shot himself in the head.

Full story: Grieving father says he gave son, 8, permission to fire Uzi

June 13, 2008

Very Cute Baby Laugh

Just another video in our “Funny Babies” series :-)

April 27, 2008

How To Make A Baby Laugh

I wish we could all be made this happy, so easily :-)

April 8, 2008

Laughing Baby Video

There’s something about a laughing baby. Makes you forget all your woes, all of your problems, your tensions, and just helps you let your guard down – which is not really a bad thing at all!