July 29, 2007

3 Year Old Solves Rubik’s Cube in 114 seconds

This video is awesome. It is in chinese (I think), but the language doesn’t matter – Just watch the little girl solve the cube in under 2 minutes! Wow!

Yes, the girl is indeed very smart, but guess what – it takes a bit of parenting and a lot of patience for someone to sit with kids like this, and teach them a skill – no matter how rehearsed it might be.

Isn’t it that a lot of skills in this world are about how well rehearsed you are? How well you can hit that 18 footer, how many aces you can serve, how perfect your walk down the aisle is?

So, don’t discount things just because they are rehearsed. Practice does make a (wo)man perfect.

June 11, 2007

Keep an eye on your kids – ALWAYS!

When accidents happen to a child, it is almost always the fault of the parent(s).

See video for proof. It is not the child’s fault – it is the idiotic parent (or caregiver) who is responsible.

June 4, 2007

Rolling sneakers blamed for rise in kid injuries

Doctors recommend safety gear for kids who wear trendy ‘Heelys’.

CHICAGO – Trendy wheeled sneakers that let kids zip down sidewalks, across playgrounds and through mall crowds could also send them rolling into emergency rooms on a stretcher, say doctors who blame a rash of injuries on the international craze.

It’s called “heeling,” named after Heelys, the most popular brand. They’re sold in 70 countries and are so hot that their Carrollton, Texas, maker, Heelys Inc., recently landed atop BusinessWeek’s annual list of fastest growing companies.

But doctors from Ireland to Singapore have reported treating broken wrists, arms and ankles; dislocated elbows and even cracked skulls in children injured while wearing roller shoes.

Full story: Rolling sneakers blamed for rise in kid injuries

April 11, 2007

Parenting: Toddler gains by shadowing big sister

“Q: My son is 2 and his big sister is 6. He’s her little shadow, and in some ways that’s good: His vocabulary and other skills are great. But when they’re together he wants to do only what she does, and I wonder if he should be more independent.

A: We think your son is lucky to have his big sister to help him develop important experience and skills.”

Full story: Toddler gains by shadowing big sister

April 9, 2007

Stop Crying – The art of re-framing

“Everyone cries, whether they are adults, children, male or female. People cry when they are happy, sad, angry, hurt, scared, proud or embarrassed. Children also cry when they are tired, dissatisfied, sick, hungry or just plain bored.

Sometimes children use crying as a means of getting their own way. Coddling children when they are old enough to know how to manipulate a situation by crying sends the message that turning on the tears is an affective way to get what they want.

The best way to get children to stop crying is by distracting them. If they forget why they are crying in the first place, they have no reason to continue crying. You might compare this to adults by thinking of something that makes you upset or worried. If you keep thinking about it, your mood will not improve; but by distracting yourself and thinking about or doing something else, you will forget that you are worried and be able to move on.”

Full story: Stop Crying – The art of re-framing