January 3, 2007

Oprah’s School Opens

gDiapers: Earth and Baby Friendly

One day over breakfast, the Graham-Nye’s came across an interesting fact – they found that conventional disposable diapers are the third largest contributors to landfills in the world and yet only five percent of the population uses them.

gdiapersIt was a fact of stunning proportion met by another amazing fact: A single disposable diaper can take up to 500 years to bio-degrade in the landfill.

That got the Graham-Nye’s thinking, since they were about to have a baby themselves. At 60 diapers a week until toilet training kicks in, compounded by the possibility of having more than one child, well, it was beyond comprehension. And so they gasped. Did they want to jump on the landfill train?
Absolutely not! What would the neighbors say? How would they face the world on Earth Day? And what about their garbage can? Could it contain it all?

It was too much to imagine and so they did what any two self respecting, socially responsible people do in a situation like that, they began researching an alternative. Obviously, disposables were out. Cloth used too much water for the water conscious couple living in drought-stricken Australia.

And then they found it: A company in Tasmania that made flushable diapers. They were delighted to find them in their own backyard. Well just a small shipping charge away and placed an order immediately. The idea went over big with family and friends.

And so, the Graham-Nye’s brought this revolutionary new concept to the U.S. all the way from Australia.

Flushable gDiapers

– Ravi Jayagopal / Indian Baby Names

January 2, 2007

Help 4 year old Pooja find her parents

From the web site:

Pooja is a 4 year old girl kidnapped by a beggar. This person made Pooja beg with him. He was arrested by Railway Police in Trivandrum in the Kerala state and jailed. Pooja is in an orphanage (Nirmala Sisu Bhavan in Trivandrum, Kerala, India). The beggar who kidnapped her is dumb and deaf. So police cannot get the place from where he kidnapped her. Pooja’s primary language is Hindi and as per Pooja, her mother’s name is Munni Devi and Father’s name is Raju. Pooja says she has a younger brother and an elder sister. She says her place is Nagaluppe, but no one has heard about this place.

I think with the power of Internet and by spreading the word around, we may be able to trace her parents. Please find Pooja’s photos on the right hand side and below.

If you know any information about her parents, please call this orphanage. The phone number is 0471-2307434 (0471 is the area code for Trivandrum, Kerala).

For more information, visit the web site HelpPoojaFindhHerParents.org.


December 31, 2006

Honey, Now I Know Why I’m Fat

Do kids make parents fat, or is it just an excuse?

I was fat when I was a child. I am fat as an adult. So, technically, my parents made me fat as a child, and now my children are making me fat.

Ok, all that “fat” talk has gotten me hungry – let me go get a bowl of ice-cream from the frig, and blame my kids, while you check this article out.

Kids make parents fat

From the BBC story: “Kids may make parents overweight: Eating habits can affect the whole family Overweight adults may be able to blame their offspring after a US study found adults living with children eat more fat than others.”

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December 20, 2006

DUI: The $10,000 ride home

It is not uncommon for people to think that it’s ok to have a beer or two and drive home. After all, it’s only a beer or two, right?

Read this article, and you will change your opinion about “a beer or two” in a hurry. If you have children, then it is more important that you read this, as it can affect not just your life, but theirs too.

“A fine is just the start of what you’ll pay for a drunken-driving conviction. Insurance-rate increases, legal bills, alcohol treatment and licensing fees can push the cost into five figures.”

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