June 1, 2014

Naming Your Baby Online Assistant

Can’t think of a perfect name for your baby? Well if you can’t even begin to think of a better name you might want to check this cool website called Bellyballot. You can choose up to 5 names for your bellyballot and it can become interactive as you are able to invite friends and family to vote for the best name for your baby. Sounds cool right? After choosing the best name, you can also share this to their social media accounts. Try it now!

January 6, 2009

Naming Your Baby After a Holiday?

Is It Cheesy to Name Your Baby After a Holiday If Your Due Date is December 25?

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 24, 2008 — As long as the name you choose for your baby feels like a celebration for his or her arrival, it’s fine to go ahead and tap your favorite holiday, according to an article posted today online at BabyZone.com, a website that serves the needs of expectant and new moms.

“Holidays like Christmas offer copious options to new parents who haven’t yet decided what to name their baby,” says Suelain Moy, baby name expert and author of the book, Names to Grow On, in the Q&A, “Is It Cheesy to Name Your Baby After a Holiday?“.

Holidays like Christmas offer copious options to new parents who haven’t yet decided what to name their baby

According to the feature posted on BabyZone, Natalie, Natalia, and Natasha all mean “born on Christmas Day.” Noel, Noelle, and Navidad simply mean “Christmas.” Many December babies have been named Nicholas (after St. Nick), Claus (after Santa), or Kris (after Mr. Kringle). Other festive names include Joy, Holly, and Yule.

However, be aware when making first and last name combinations.

Consider the case of the 90 or so women in the U.S. whose legal name is Mary Christmas. While Utah-based, stay-at-home mom, Mary Christmas (nee Young) admits that her name is a big hit during the holidays, she does encounter her share of doubting Thomases.

“I’ve had to show people my license a couple of times,” she said to BabyZone. And when her name shows up on the caller ID or on a package, some folks think it’s a prank.

Still, it’s hard to find fault with a name that brings people so much joy and happiness. “People think it’s fun,” Mrs. Christmas said (good-naturedly) to BabyZone. “It’s positive. It’s a conversation piece.” And, as her husband likes to point out, he gets to celebrate with Mary Christmas, not just on December 25, but all year long.

December 18, 2008

Hottest, Craziest Baby Names

What were they thinking?

  • Apple
  • Bronx Mowgli
  • Sunday Rose

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January 25, 2007

Names I Don’t Like, And Why

This is a really funny post from Jane Copland at Drivl about names she doesn’t like. All about western names and not Indian names, but still a must-read.

Here’s a summary:

# Jenny: Jenny is the rosy cheeked, fat girl who likes to dance.
# Jenn: Jenn will try to kill herself. I’ve known two Jenns; both attempted suicide and one succeeded.
# Taylor: As a girl, Taylor is a nasty bitch. As a guy, he wears pink Lacoste polo shirts and loves himself way too much.
# Raquelle: Raquelle is seventeen and knocked up.
# Rachelle: Begins with “rash.” Aside from this, is exactly the same as Raquelle.
# Lindy: The most boring, personality-void, toneless shit of a name.
# Amanda: Friends ruined this for me. She’s a man, duh.

Names I Don’t Like

Ravi Jayagopal