While searching for a mom-related story, I’ve just come across with this very inspiring article about a boy born with a cerebral palsy and her mom Debby Elnatan wanted to find a way for her son Rotem to be able to walk so she invented a device called Upsee that can be used by kids with disabilities to walk along with their parents.

Firefly Upsee is a harness that allows children to stand upright, attached to their parents by a series of straps, with their feet fastened into rubber shoes. The parent essentially acts as the exoskeleton, keeping the kid upright and as the parent walks, the child is able to move along with them. Let us all share her wonderful invention with the world as it can help a lot of kids with disabilities without the need of spending tens of thousands of dollars.

Here’s a promo video from Firefly, a Northern Ireland firm that developed the Upsee, showing off how it benefits children and interviewing parents that have been using one with their kid.

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