I’m sure that we all had our very special toy/stuff that we grew up with, like mine for example was a feathered blanket and I have used it until I’ve graduated from high school. For others, it can be a stuffed-animal toy like a bear, panda, frog or whatever it is. As I’ve observed, while kids today still have teddy bears, they often pay more attention now with gadgets unlike before.

Giving your kids a smartphone or tablet is a great way to entertain them for hours, but it should be more of an educational rather than just letting them play for hours without learning anything. While searching for an advance stuffed-toy, I’ve just come across with this website where in they invented a teddy bear named DiDi that can teach the fundamentals of reading and colors and shapes to kids 3+. Aside from that kids can feed and take care of him like brushing its teeth using his Magic Touch toys and play games.

The DiDi teddy bear is hoping to bridge the gap between entertainment and learning. This is a teddy bear cover for iPads, and corresponds with an app that will teach reading, and work as a sort of Tamagotchi. Currently there are three “belly books”, 3 educational games, and responses for interactions.

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