The Boy, who will turn 4 in July, still sleeps in his crib. I’m sure this is against the advice of almost every parenting expert on the planet, but it works for those folks who live in my house. He loves his crib so much that, during a recent time-out where we had chucked him in said crib until he could remember how civilized preschoolers behave, the Boy climbed out of his cage, grabbed a book, and then climbed back in.

This is not how a kid who’s ready to move into a big boy bed acts, right? Given how quickly he is growing, he’ll have to make the change sooner rather than later. But for now, he can keep folding himself into one of his crib’s corners for the night.

The Boy, who in 10 years will hate me for mentioning this, is still working on the whole potty training deal. He gets the idea, mind you, and is willing to play along if you mention stepping up to the porcelain bowl and letting fly. If he is the slightest bit interested in anything else, however, there will probably be a puddle before too much time has passed.

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