April 9, 2007

Stop Crying – The art of re-framing

“Everyone cries, whether they are adults, children, male or female. People cry when they are happy, sad, angry, hurt, scared, proud or embarrassed. Children also cry when they are tired, dissatisfied, sick, hungry or just plain bored.

Sometimes children use crying as a means of getting their own way. Coddling children when they are old enough to know how to manipulate a situation by crying sends the message that turning on the tears is an affective way to get what they want.

The best way to get children to stop crying is by distracting them. If they forget why they are crying in the first place, they have no reason to continue crying. You might compare this to adults by thinking of something that makes you upset or worried. If you keep thinking about it, your mood will not improve; but by distracting yourself and thinking about or doing something else, you will forget that you are worried and be able to move on.”

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Parenting: Double Trouble or Double the Fun

“As far as I remember, as soon as I was old enough to start thinking about it, I wanted to have two kids, preferably twins so that I would do the hard work only once. I also allowed myself to imagine it would be one boy and one girl so that I could experience the best of both worlds.

Well, that’s beside the point. What I want to document here are the dilemmas and tough decisions you take when you are bringing up twins. A mom of more than one kid also goes through similar dilemmas but when the kids are twins (or more?) things are different in many respects. Before the Moms of multiple singletons begin to protest – ladies, I just said different, I did not say more difficult or less difficult! And that goes for the Dads too, I hate to leave them out of this.

So here goes.”

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