April 6, 2007

A little parenting magic

“I like classical music. Not as much as I like Rod Stewart classics, mind you, but well enough.

But I never bought into the notion, prevalent throughout my four children’s babyhood, that there was a small window of time to really shape a baby’s brain. And that flooding that brain with Mozart or other classical music during those years was one key way to make a baby smarter. That understanding was based on “research” in the 1990s that just always seemed … a little too easy to me.”


Mead writes that “there’s a problem … with the new conventional wisdom about building brighter babies: it’s based on misinterpretations and misapplications of brain research.”

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The Challenges And Rewards Of Foster Parenting

“THE PRACTICAL purpose of foster parenting is to provide hurting children — anywhere from birth up to age 19 — a welcoming but temporary family environment. The goal, whenever possible, is to reunite them with their parents once authorities believe it is safe to do so.

But for many foster parents, what began as a relationship that was expected to last maybe just a few months or a year at most can become life-long, even without the children being formally adopted.

“I have kids that come back Christmas, Easter, their birthdays, my birthday,” says Burnaby, BC foster parent Jan Chapman. “I do have some [to whom] I really became a parent. . . . They’re grown up, they have children, but they still need that sounding board.”

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