“I still remember standing in front of my third grade teacher’s desk and looking at my parents apprehensively. It was my report day, my older sister had come first in her class and I had barely passed, by the skin of my teeth, as it were.

My knees trembled, knowing a beating was in store for me once we reached home and for once I wanted to stay put in school and hide my head in my teacher’s lap but it wasn’t going to be so, it never happened that way.

1) Hitting a child never works. The child merely becomes more stubborn and rebellious.
2) Time out works better to calm a child down and make him/her think about the naughty deed done.
3) Threats rarely work, kids get used to threatening parents.
4) Never compare kids with other siblings that causes low self esteem and festers sibling rivalry”

Full story: Parenting Tips From Childhood: No Two Fingers Are Alike

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