January 30, 2007

Nine-Year-Old Boy Escapes Abductor Thanks to Yello Dyno

Austin, TX (PRWeb) December 4, 2006 — Yello Dyno child safety lessons are credited with foiling a recent attempt at child abduction in Lubbock, Texas.

A Hispanic man tried to force a nine-year-old boy into his car, but he broke free and ran home. The boy was unharmed and police now have a composite sketch of the suspect, described as 5’7, 130 pounds with a bald or shaved head. A witness, who heard the boy’s story came back to the area and found a person matching the description, but he fled in a 90s-style sedan, similar to a Chevy Lumina. The boy told police he learned how to get away because of the Yello Dyno Program at his school.

“It is a fact that one in five children you know will encounter a child predator. Research shows that safety knowledge cannot be taught the same way you teach English or math,” explains Jan Wagner, founder of Yello Dyno. “The knowledge has to be stored in the part of the brain that takes charge when a child is fearful or anxious. The Yello Dyno Methodâ„¢ ensures that children automatically recall right action and act on it in a crisis.”

The Yello Dyno Methodâ„¢ is based on the research of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Roger Sperry, and the internationally recognized research on children in crisis of Dr. Bruce Perry.

According to Sara Wilson, Safe and Drug Free Specialist for the Lubbock ISD, “It’s a blessing to hear how the Yello Dyno program saved this child from the unthinkable. We make sure children have the patterns to respond correctly if they are ever in danger. You certainly don’t want to leave that to chance.”

Yello Dyno, an award-winning, non-fearful, musically-based program, arms parents and educators with curricula and materials needed to teach children how to protect themselves from child predators: sexual predators, abusers, abductors, bullies, violent kids, drug pushers, and Internet stalkers.

For information, visit http://www.yellodyno.com/lubbock_attempted_abduction.html

Caffeine Doesn’t Hurt Pregnancy

From wmtw.com….

There is no evidence that moderate levels of caffeine consumption during pregnancy cause problems for babies, according to a new study on BMJ Online, from the British Medical Journal.

Some health officials have warned that caffeine increases the risk of premature births and low birth weight. Some earlier studies have suggested that a high caffeine intake can lead to lower average birth weights. Others have found no connection between caffeine and problems with fetal development.

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