Prairieville, LA (PRWeb) January 15, 2007 — When breastfeeding does not come natural to mothers whether due to illness, psychological barriers or other problems that may come with giving birth to a baby, then breast pumping can be an option that will still allow moms to get that incredible nutritional breast milk to their baby.

However, the cost associated with purchasing a brand new breast pump can be overwhelming to some. Parents that have financial issues or confronting illnesses due to premature birth or congenital diseases, may be unable to obtain a breast pump in order to express their breast milk needed for these particular babies in critical need of their mother’s breast milk.

Fortunately, through a memorial foundation established by Wendy Williamson, these families can now acquire a breast pump at no cost. The foundation assists by arranging the administration of donated breast pumps to these parents, allowing them to acquire a free breast pump and provide breast milk to their baby.

Now that it is a new year, is challenging all moms who have experienced the great gift of providing breast milk to their babies and assist these families by either donating their breast pumps or providing a financial donation.

The 2007 Breast Pump Challenge goal is to encourage mothers to donate their breast pumps to 100 families throughout this year. Now that your baby has become healthy and beautiful from precious breast milk, it is time to give to those families in need.

To learn more about how to donate your breast pump, or to receive a donated breast pump, visit, a web site geared toward educating new mothers about the great benefits of breast pumping for both baby and mother. Wendy Williamson, mother of two and founder of, hopes to create a greater awareness of donating breast milk and breast pumps to mothers who want to provide their milk to premature or ill babies.

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