This is a really funny post from Jane Copland at Drivl about names she doesn’t like. All about western names and not Indian names, but still a must-read.

Here’s a summary:

# Jenny: Jenny is the rosy cheeked, fat girl who likes to dance.
# Jenn: Jenn will try to kill herself. I’ve known two Jenns; both attempted suicide and one succeeded.
# Taylor: As a girl, Taylor is a nasty bitch. As a guy, he wears pink Lacoste polo shirts and loves himself way too much.
# Raquelle: Raquelle is seventeen and knocked up.
# Rachelle: Begins with “rash.” Aside from this, is exactly the same as Raquelle.
# Lindy: The most boring, personality-void, toneless shit of a name.
# Amanda: Friends ruined this for me. She’s a man, duh.

Names I Don’t Like

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