February 11, 2006

8 Tips for Enjoying Valentine’s Day Even If Your Marriage Isn’t Perfect

Marriage Counseling Advice: Eight Tips for Enjoying Valentine’s Day Even If Your Marriage Isn’t Perfect

Marriage counseling coach Nancy Wasson has Valentine’s Day advice for spouses in “less-than-perfect” marriages: “Keep the day in perspective, plan ahead, and find ways to show love to yourself and others.”

Birmingham, AL (PRWEB) February 6, 2006 — Marriage counseling coach Nancy Wasson says that Valentine’s Day brings up a mixture of feelings for many spouses. “For some,” she states, “it’s a happy day, full of anticipation and fun. But for others, it’s a painful reminder of what’s missing in their marriage.”

Wasson shares that when spouses are having serious marriage problems or even just an unresolved minor tiff, Valentine’s Day can present a challenge. “It’s hard for wives to watch co-workers receive bouquets of roses at work and to hear friends talk about special dinner plans and other romantic gestures from their husbands when they’re not in the same situation.”

She adds that it’s also difficult for husbands who want to show love and affection but are stymied by their wife’s lack of response or passion. According to Wasson, “Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a celebration time for lovers. For couples who aren’t feeling romantic towards each other, February 14th can be a depressing day.”

She has an eight-step strategy for coping with Valentine’s Day, even when a marriage relationship is strained:

• Keep Valentine’s Day in perspective. It gets a lot of publicity at the time, but remember that it’s only one day of the year. As the saying goes, “This too shall pass.” On February 15th, it’s all over except for the half-price left-over Valentine’s candy in the drug store.

• Remember that just because it looks like others have wonderful or desirable marriages and attentive, loving spouses doesn’t make it so. If you could see behind the scenes, you’d see that the truth is often very different from the exterior appearance. Just because a spouse gives the partner a flashy Valentine’s gift doesn’t mean the marriage is healthy and satisfying.

• Plan ahead so that you have some fun activities for the day or evening. If things are strained with your spouse, plan a special lunch or dinner with a close friend. Or you might decide to see a movie or have a massage after work. Be proactive about making plans and schedule something you’ll look forward to.

• Give yourself a Valentine’s Day present. Gifts to consider include a new CD, a book, clothing, sports equipment, a facial, a session with a personal trainer, or enrollment in a gym or night class. While you’re at it, buy a bouquet of tulips or other fresh flowers to brighten up your house or office.

• Pamper yourself. Slow down and take time for yourself in the little ways that count. Eat well, get enough rest, slow the pace down, and build in some relaxation time. Be good to yourself—you deserve it. And don’t forget to laugh. Be your own valentine and treat yourself with love and respect.

• Count your love blessings. Make a list of all the people who show their love and caring for you throughout the year. Include family and friends, as well as the neighbor who always volunteers to feed your cat when you’re out of town and the co-worker who looks out for your interests. Then take a moment to savor the feeling of gratitude for being so richly blessed.

• Send cards, notes, emails, or phone messages to the people in your life who are your “loved ones.” Remember how much fun it used to be when you were a child to get valentine cards and little candy hearts with messages such as “I Love You” or “Be my Friend”? Find a way to express your caring and gratitude to the special people on your “Love Blessings” list. You’ll make their day!

• Let your love, caring, and compassion for others shine brightly in everything you say or do on Valentine’s Day. Give the gift of yourself to others all day long. Print out the following quote and read it throughout the day to remind you of the power of love and giving:

“Each time anyone comes into contact with us,
They must become different and better people
Because of having met us…
We have been created in order to love and to be loved.
Love does not measure…it just gives.”
—Mother Teresa

Spouses don’t have to wait until their marriage is problem-free to enjoy Valentine’s Day, says Wasson. “And even more importantly, the bigger picture is that they don’t have to wait until their marriage is perfect to enjoy life. Now that’s something to celebrate!”

Marriage counselor Nancy Wasson, Ph.D., has been a Licensed Professional Counselor for more than twenty years. She coaches couples in unhappy marriages and provides immediate help through the privacy of telephone and email consultations. She is the author of “Keep Your Marriage: What to Do When Your Spouse Says ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore!’ ” She offers a free weekly marriage advice newsletter at www.KeepYourMarriage.com.

Men are from Mars, and They Hate Valentine’s Day

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 10, 2006 — With Valentine’s Day once again approaching, a new independent survey by social dating website TeamDating.com polling 500 married men and 500 single men ages 25-40 years old yielded very similar results in their opinions on the holiday. Whether married for years, or still looking for Mrs. Right, men seemed to agree that the expectations established over the years about how and what they should do have put them in a no win situation. Some key findings of the survey conducted in Los Angeles and Orange County, were the following:

Married Men Survey Results:
• 91% said it was their least favorite Holiday of their marriage due to the expectations of topping what they did the previous year
• 97% said that they plan what they are going to do the weekend before
• 94% said that any money spent on this day is a waste of money
• 72% said they plan on giving a gift certificate
• And only 4% of the men said they feel that the Holiday is even intended for men

Single Men Survey Results:
• 97% said it was their least favorite Holiday of the year
• 99% said to them it’s just another day
• 86% said they will go out and try too find single girls that are out as well
• 89% could not remember what they did the year before
• And a staggering 93% didn’t even know that it fell on February 14th every year

“The overall disdain for the Holiday seems to be caused by the over expectations that women have placed on the meaning of what is done that day, or better yet, what is not done that day,” explained Teamdating.com Chief Dating Officer Ray Doustdar, an expert in relationships and the online dating market. “Men feel that no matter what they do, it won’t be enough. Some try and take a creative approach with something out of the ordinary, but most fall back on the old reliable such as flowers and candy. At the end of the day, I think the thing they are missing is that women mainly want to see that you put some effort into whatever you did. If you are going to get flowers, get them from a different florist so they are not a carbon copy of what you gave for their birthday or another recent event”, commented Doustdar.

For radio and press interviews with Mr. Doustdar on or before February 14th, or any additional information, please contact Kipp Gillian at (949) 637-6401.

About www.Teamdating.com:
Team Dating.com is a unique and revolutionary online dating concept for consumers nationwide — both those who currently online date and those interested in trying. The site provides the online dating world a safer, less stressful, and more natural way of meeting people online through their “Team of Friends” approach. This approach mirrors how people meet one another in their real lives, and addresses the current weaknesses in the online dating industry, including safety concerns, profile elaboration, time consumption, and inflated costs. As Chief Dating Officer, Mr. Doustdar has been featured in articles in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Seattle Times, San Jose Mercury News, wired.com, and Variety.com.

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