As life unfolds, we get married, have kids, and
watch them grow up, one thing that is most precious,
is the memories.

I can’t tell you how I long for my 7 year old
daughter to be 2 again. Of course, when we are
frustrated with our kids, we sometimes wonder
if they are *ever* gonna grow up!

And then, we quickly regret that thought and spend
the rest of our lives wishing they hadn’t grown
up so fast!

One thing I never miss out on, is taking pictures
of my kids – and thank god for digital camera’s,
I no longer worry about missed moments — or wasted film.

I got my Canon Elph 4 Mega Pixel just one day before
my son (now 2 1/2) was born. Don’t do the same
mistake and buy it at the last moment – you don’t
want to be distracted from the most joyous moments
of your life by something trivial, like having to
go to a store and stand in line!

I buy almost all my electronic items from,
because I have researched a lot of online stores,
and usually nobody ever beats their price – and they
even have free shipping on many items.
Check out their various “shakin'” deals – they usually
list the best deals on this page.
In a future post, I will tell you how to set up
a free online album – you’ll need one, because
the last thing you want is to not be able to send
friends and family pictures of your little one(s).

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